WR531 Wrist Rest TKL


50 in stock


50 in stock

WR531 Wrist Rest is a premium accessory, specially designed for mechanical keyboards. It enhances your performance, featuring soft cushioning that redistributes the weight of your wrist for prolonged comfort. The rest is composed of low-friction cloth with splash-resistant coating for anti-irritation and anti-odor, while a rubberized base prevents slipping, so your wrists stay comfortable through even the longest wars. Extreme Comfort: Reduce physical fatigue with soft foam pillow to evenly redistribute weight for comfort. Splash-Resistant Coating: Prevents unpleasant smells over time due to sweat and other liquids. Long-Term Stability: Rubberized base provides anti-slip protection during the longest battles. Smooth to the Touch: Constructed of low-friction cloth for anti-irritation and comfort. A Perfect Fit: Specially designed to fit with most mechanical keyboards in the market, including Cooler Master.

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