PT300Remote Thrml Cash Reg Prt

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15 in stock

The PT300 is a rechargeable printer with large 2.25″ wide Receipt printout. It can be used as a desktop unit or unplug it and use it as a portable handheld printer. Take advantage of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. This allows you to use it as a secondary kitchen or bar printer. Unleash its full potential and use it as a mobile credit card processor printer. Even though the PT-300 is the perfect companion for the Royal POS1500, the unit can be enabled with iOS, Android and Windows OS. This means the PT-300 can be used with almost any retail format device. The thermal printing technology allows for fast and quiet printing. Generate custom receipts with logos, business names and phone numbers. The system software you use is the only limitation to your creativity. This highly diverse printer is dual powered. Use the supplied AC power cord or enjoy hours of wireless performance with the rechargeable Li-ion 2200mAh battery that produces 8.4 volts.

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