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Koblenz Pressure Washer 2000

Thorne Electric

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Koblenz Thorne Electric’s powerful Koblenz 2,000-PSI motor powered pressure washer uses up to 80 percent less water than a regular garden hose, saving you water and money. This electric pressure washer is ideal for washing most surfaces. Use the Koblenz 2,000-PSI Electric-powered pressure washer to clean your car, boat, patio and more. This pressure washer features a 16.4′ ft. high pressure hose and a 1.32 gallon/min water flow. 10′ ft. power cord. Automatic Stop System. Accessories: High pressure hose, water gun, adjustable nozzle, quick water hose connectors, detergent tank. Efficient universal motor Maximum water temperature: 104 F Ergonomic handle 1-year warranty

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