KEYS TO GO UltraSlimKybd Stone

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17 in stock

KEYS-TO-GO Ultra slim keyboard with add-on iPhone stand (Stone). Keys-To-Go is the ultra-portable iPad keyboard. Its thin and light design lets you take it with you anywhere, anytime. Tuck it in your purse, between the pages of your magazine, inside your coat pocket or even your beach bag. It’s ready whenever and wherever you are. Expose Keys-To-Go to a variety of environments. The durable FabricSkin covering protects from spills and dirt-so no bread crumbs get stuck in your keys and liquids wipe right off. Survives drops so it can easily be used indoors or out. Accidents happen, damage doesn’t. Keys-To-Go comes with the great typing experience you expect from Logitech. Well-spaced keys for comfort, plus iOS shortcuts for productivity. The rechargeable battery lasts three months and has an indicator to show when it’s low. Bluetooth pairing makes it quick and simple to use.

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