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DE 108 LED Portable Work Light


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Out of stock

Southwire / Designers Edge L1313 108-LED Portable Work Light remains cool to the touch after hours of use and comes with 7.4-volt rechargeable batteries. Once fully charged, this product has an approximate 2-hour run time on a full first time charge and produces up to 260-lumens of light. Use this light to tackle a wide range of tasks including work site and construction lighting. LEDs have a long lifespan, consume less energy and remain cool to the touch. This light features a padded grip, non-skid feet and a weatherproof on/off switch. Other features include a high output mirror and a 45-degree range. The polymeric housing is incredibly durable and built to last. This light measures 17-inches (H) by 14-inches (W) by 16-inches (L) and weighs 3.3-pounds. Green.


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