DataVac Electric Duster White

Metropolitan Vacuum

124 in stock


124 in stock

Metro DataVac Electric Duster (18-3 – 3 prong cord) is ideal for all computer/electronic, audio/video, and digital camera equipment. More Effective than “Canned Air”. Powerful 500-watt electric motor blasts off dust dirt and debris to keep expensive computer and electronic equipment thoroughly clean and running at peak efficiency. More Economical than “Canned Air”, all steel and built to last, DataVac Electric Duster is much more cost-efficient than expensive, throwaway cans of air! Electric power eliminates the need for dangerous, environmentally damaging aerosol cans. Blows clean, dry, filtered air safe for all computer/electronic equipment, printers, copiers, fax machines, digital cameras, etc. Condensation-free. Contains no dangerous propellants. Weights 2.75 lbs., Air Flow 70 CFM. 5 Year Motor Warranty. Made in USA.White.

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