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Creative Labs Mouse 70GP007000000-CA SOUND BLASTERX SIEGE M04 Gaming Mouse BLACK

Creative Labs

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Out of stock

Perfection Re-Imagined
Crafted from the ground up utilizing years of research and surveying the habits of pro and everyday gamers worldwide, the Sound BlasterX Siege is a combination and improvement of some of the best ideas found across various types of gaming mice. From the aesthetics and ergonomics, down to the intricate technical details…
We’ve engineered a world-class gaming mouse to rival all others

As games evolve to become faster and fiercer, so do the needs of gamers. Our audio products have always offered enhanced audio clarity and positional placement for you to PERCEIVE what’s going on but gaming is much more than just perception.
Whether you are on a race track roaring around corners or fending off hordes of demons, not only do you need to PERCEIVE what’s happening, you also need to REACT accordingly and EXECUTE your actions reliably, decisively and accurately.
So we asked ourselves, why stop at just audio?
Today, we give you fresh power at your fingertips. New gear designed just for you, the gamer, to give you the best P.R.E (Perceive, React and Execute) experience you’ve ever known.
Product Color
50 million clicks
Optical Sensor
PixArt PMW 3360
12,000 DPI
12,000 FPS
50G Acceleration
250 IPS Tracking Speed
2mm LOD
Item Dimension (L”xW”xH”)
1 x 1 x 1
1.00 lb
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