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Accell Surge Protector D080B-025K PowerGenius 6ft Rotating 6-Outlet Surge Protector USB Charging


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2 in stock

Rotating Power Outlets are Power Adapter Friendly

The PowerGenius Rotating Outlet Surge Protector with Dual USB Charging provides six power outlets that rotate on a 180 degree axis, leaving no wasted space when using bulky power adapters. Quickly charge your tablet, smartphones or other mobile devices using the built-in dual USB charging ports. The dual USB charging ports support up to 2.4A (shared) of high-speed charging. This is enough power to quickly charge 2 smartphones simultaneously or a tablet at full-speed. The dual USB charging ports are surge protected, designed to stop harmful power surges from reaching your valuable mobile electronics.

Surge Protection Provides Safety for Your Electronics

The sensitive electronics in your home theater or computer system can be easily damaged from the surges and spikes that are common with AC power. The Accell PowerGenius features a high surge absorption capacity of 1080 Joules for excellent power protection. The PowerGenius will stop damaging power surges from reaching your connected devices.


• 6 Rotating and Surge Protected Outlets

• Dual USB Charging Ports (2.4A Shared)

• 1080 Joules of Surge Protection

• Power Stop Surge Capacity Detection

• X3 MOV Fireproof Technology

• Flexible 6ft Grounded Power Cord

• Noise Reduction Filter for Clean Power

Noise Reduction Filter for Optimum Sound and Picture Quality

PowerGenius AC power line noise rejection technology isolates your audio and video equipment from power generated noise. Dirty power can show up in your picture as static or crackling in your audio. By using clean power, your audio and video system will provide the best possible picture and sound quality.
JOULE RATING: 1080 Joules
OUTLETS: 6 Rotating and Grounded
USB PORTS: Dual USB, 2.4A Shared
CORD LENGTH: 6ft. (1.8m) Grounded
ELECTRICAL RATING: 125V, 15 Amps, 1800 Watts
CLAMP RATING: H-N 500V, H-G 500V, N-G 500V
NOISE REDUCTION: Up to 40dB from 150KHz to 100 MHz
Item Dimension (L inchxW inchxH inch)
17 x 5 x 3

2.00 lb

Warranty Information
5-Year Connected Equipment 100,000 Limited Warranty

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